Bring in a non-perishable food item to any KNRLS library and donate it to your neighbors for $1 waived from your library fine.

Non-perishable food includes things like boxes of pasta, cans of vegetables, a bag of dried beans or rice. If you have a $3 library fine, 3 cans of green beans could wipe your slate clean.

Please consider donating even if you don’t have a library fine. All donations will go to a local food pantry that has run dry over the summer and is having to turn away local families. Let’s pull together as a community and make a difference for our neighbors when they need it most!

Blood Drive – September 19th in Newton

We are now signing up the members of our community who wish to donate blood. Mississippi Blood Services will be taking donations of blood at the J. Elliott McMullan Public Library in Newton on September 19th.

Mississippi currently has a severe shortage of the following types of blood:  A+, A-, B-, O+, O-.

We have to pre-register a certain number of donors in our area just to make the trip worth it for the medical professionals to travel our way. To put your name on our list of donors in Newton that day, please call 601-683-3367 or email